Microquest is a diversity consulting firm that serves leading Fortune-class companies, technology companies and not-for-profits in the U.S. and globally. Microquest helps its clients develop strategies and execution plans to improve diversity representation in their workforces and to achieve their inclusion goals.

Over almost 25 years, we have built databases and methodologies to make us uniquely qualified to add significant value in diversity and inclusion.

what we do

We help our clients improve diversity composition at every level of their organizations, from individual contributor-level to board of directors. As leading companies continue to develop talent acquisition as an in-house capability, we help them to develop strategies for onboarding world-class talent while achieving specific inclusion goals.

We have worked with our clients, for example, to identify potential board directors with desired gender and/or ethnicity as well as specific business experience profiles. Our clients have then been able to hire new board directors without using outside search services, thereby saving vast sums and validating their internal talent acquisition models.

We have also worked with clients, to develop female sales representation in thirty U.S. markets, and in Canada, Europe and South Africa. 

Whatever the organizational need, Microquest has developed the capabilities and data support to help companies with talent pipelining and to achieve their diversity goals. 

how you can learn more

You can take a demo of our online database, see sample data pages from our previous assignments and discuss your needs with Lorraine Ross, president of Microquest.

To learn more, simply contact:

Lorraine Ross
President and Co-founder
lorraine@mqc.comm: 415-246-6021

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